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AMS believes in providing knowledge based services and solutions to our clients in bid to optimize production and minimize cost. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, P& J Consultancy service is focused on offering integrated strategy, process and technology solutions to suit our clients needs. Targeting both tangible and intangible benefits we believe in implementing applications to help grow your productivity.

Consultancy Modules

Research and Planning

The basics of attaining higher productivity lie in the initial phase of planning.  Proper planning for the usage of resources as well as workflow enables better preparation for potential problems and meeting timing requirements.

  • Product / Production Planning
    • Production Layout
    • Workflow Optimization
  • Materials Management
    • Resource Planning
  • Capacity Planning
    • Pre-production arrangements
    • Production System Setup
  • Time and Motion Study
    • Statistical Calculations and Application

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Production Management / Development

Utilizing a well structured framework is essential for the development of the production capabilities. The management is structure will enable data management and better overview of the production situation.

  • Apparel Manufacturing System
    • Re-looking the workflow process
    • TPS / LEAN / JIT manufacturing concepts
  • Process Tracking
    • Tracking Work in progress
    • Inventory Management
  • Efficiency Control
    • Manpower / Technological Optimization
    • Administration Processes
    • Line Balancing

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Work flow and process optimization

A re-engineering process will be able to take production efficiency to the next level. This will include re-looking the process and workflow and reducing unnecessary processes. Taking a field study and hands on approach, we are able to provide a deeper insight and understanding on the production

  • Technology innovation and Utilization
    • System Automation
  • Quality and Integrity Assurance
    • Quality productivity
    • Standard Setups
  • Increase Efficiency and Productivity
    • Materials
    • Equipment
    • Manpower
  • Wastage Reduction
    • Removing unnecessary processes

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Human Resource Management & Training

With a good system in place, the production process requires a team of well trained individuals to put the plans into actions. We provide a comprehensive set of training together with a hands-on approach to our training syllabus to best utilize the human capacity

  • Line Management
    • Supervisory Methods
    • Administrative Structuring
    • Understanding workers’ mindset
  • Technical Training
    • Equipment Maintenance
    • Equipment servicing and repairs
  • Operator Training
    • Proper Operation Methods
    • Techniques and Improvisation
  • Industrial Engineering
    • Planning workflow and production schedule
    • Devising applications for optimal production

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Follow up Service

The initial implementation of a new workflow process will usually start off very well. However, there is a consistent requirement to maintain the gains. The documentation of the process is thus an important factor and auditing is required to be done from time to time.

  • Auditing
    • Documentation of changes and improvements
    • Ensuring standards are maintained
    • Advice and further improvement on gains and methods in use

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